Thursday, October 3, 2013

What To Consider Before You Buy Obamacare Insurance

Before you call the government calculate your premium.  Now consider this:
  1. It's expensive.  The premium rates are unfair, arbitrary and punitive. Using the calculator, take for example a single male, age 38, living in New Jersey making $40,000 per year.  He will pay, after subsidy $250 per month or $3,000 per year for the "Bronze plan."  On the surface, that will seem to him a pretty good deal.  After all, it has a 50% subsidy in it. But what will happen to him when he is earning just $6000 more (a mere 15% raise)?  The subsidy goes away entirely and his premium doubles. That implies a marginal tax rate of 50%.  This pattern is repeated for every type of individual and family.  The rate structure is the epitome of punitive taxation.  
  2. It's slavery. Buyers of Obamacare "insurance" are like deer that fail to see why the hunter has provided a convenient and well stocked feeding station. Such is the case with all entitlements. When you have a serious health situation, you will be entirely dependent on the government to decide in your favor. What they give they can also take away. Don't be fooled into thinking that they will always 'cover' the fancy medical procedure or insurance that is keeping you alive. Obamacare is NOT insurance any more than any other federal entitlement. It's just a Ponzi scheme with lipstick. There is no contract, long term or short term. If you perceive it to be a 'good deal', it's just bait.  Again, Obamacare is not insurance.
  3. It's overkill. The federal government could easily and cheaply have provided special insurance for persons with conditions that would cause the cancellation of regular insurance, whether because of affordability or preexisting condition. They did not need to force the general public into this grandiose scheme.
  4. It's socialism. They are forcing us to buy more insurance than we want and to pay for those that want more insurance than we do. I must ask why we are entitled to socialized heathcare and not socialized food, transportation, utilities, etc. The answer of course is that Obama and his henchmen think that we ARE entitled to all these things. This is just one more step of many in the process of crippling the market system that has served our country so well.
  5. It's a boondoggle for the taxpayer. Just as the feds have screwed up social security and medicare, so also will they screw up Obamacare. The bureaucracy and waste will get worse and worse, and there will be no way to reverse the process.
  6. It's unAmerican. America was founded on individual responsibility and freedom.
  7. It violates Biblical principles that put responsibility into the hands of the family, extended family, churches and other private institutions. Government has no business trying to replace what God has instituted for the care of his people, and what He has permitted for the care of others through human charity.

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